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Cocktail Menu

Current Cocktail Menu

Our cocktails change monthly to always give you something to come back and try.

We can also make most of the classics, don't be afraid to ask!

Rum Old Fashion

Get to know our rums true colors

Spirit: Rum

Rum old fashion_edited.jpg

Blue Mule

Light and refreshing cocktail served in a copper mug.

Spirit: Rum (Caribbean), Vodka (Moscow), Whiskey (Kentucky) 


Luray Roo

Our Rum in a sour cocktail. Liking lime is a must.

Spirit: Rum


Dogs need veggies too!

Local Bloody Mary mix partnered with our vodka. How spicy do you want it?

Spirit: Vodka or Gin

IMG_4901 2.HEIC

Diggin Holes

Dont let the name fool you, This cocktail is earthy and interesting leaving you always wanting another sip. 

Gin, sweet vermouth, lemon, and aromatic bitters

Spirit: Gin



Fresh peach juice, rum, and unsweetened ice tea combine for a heavy hitter!

Spirit: Gin


Sparkling Strawberry Love

House infused strawberry vanilla gin with a splash of elderflower and fresh lemon lead to summer ending flavor explosion.

Spirit: Infused Gin

Sparkiling strawberry.png

Pear Ginger Whiskey Smash

Fresh pear juice, whiskey, honey, and a splash of ginger get us in the mood for fall.

Spirit: Whiskey

pear ginger whiskey smash.png


Our take on one of the classics! Our whiskey is rye heavy and shines in this cocktail.

Spirit: Whiskey


Kentucky Mule

The mule we all know and love powered by our amazing whiskey.

Spirit: Whiskey


Bring the HEAT

House made mango puree, fresh muddled jalapenos, and a chile salt rim gives a vibrant mouth feel with a heat that goes as quick as it appears.

Spirit: Vodka 

Bring the heat.png

Pear Martini

Fresh pear juice mixed with our vodka, lemon, and a pumpkin pie spice rim. Its a beautiful combo!

Spirit: Vodka 

Pear martini.png

Blackberry Rosemary Spritzer

What is better than fresh muddle blackberries with fresh squeezed lemon juice topped with bubbly club soda.

Spirit: Vodka

black berry rosemary spritz_edited_edite

Guava Mojito 

Everything you love about a mojito with the fun flavor explosion of guava.

Spirit: Rum

Guava Mojito.png

Peach Iced Tea

Fresh peach juice, rum, and unsweetened ice tea combine for a heavy hitter!

Spirit: Rum

Peach iced tea.png

Cold Toddy

House Hot Toddy tea mixture, chilled and combined with rum and lemon juice.

Spirit: Rum

cold toddy.png

Smokey Peach Maple Old Fashion

This blend of flavors leads to a savory and sweet combo you dont want to miss.

Spirit: Whiskey

Smokey peach.png

Whiskey Old Fashion

Get to know our whiskey on a new level, sugar cube, bitters, ice, and a yummy cherry. If you like a little smoke, just ask.

Spirit: Whiskey


Whiskey Sour

No premade sour mixes here, all fresh ingredients.

Spirit: Whiskey


Spirits Tasting

Get a 1/2oz pour of any of our spirits.

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