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Meet our Spirits




Our Vodka is made of local corn and sugar, distilled at 180 proof, then proofed down to drinking strength. This isn’t any normal vodka though, it still has a hint of corn flavor and sweetness so you get to know where it comes from. 




We don’t enjoy eating pine trees around here. So we made a gin with a hint of juniper and every citrus fruit we could get our hands on. Same mash as our vodka, local corn but ran through our own special mix of botanicals. If you normally don’t like gin I would give this a whirl it might just make you a fan!



Our Rum, made of molasses and sugar cane, then infused with oak, fruit, and spices for 6 weeks in stainless steel. Imagine a spiced rum without the bite.


Smooth and complex for a young spirit. We age for 6 months in a new 10gallon oak barrel. The increased surface area rapid ages the spirit to the equivalent of 2 years in a larger barrel.
You will experience Carmel, vanilla, and oak on the nose.
Your tasting starts with rye spice in the beginning that rolls to toasted oak in the middle and finished with a long lingering Carmel.
70% Corn 20% Rye 10% Malted Barley

All of our whiskey is single barrel. Every batch is its own creation with subtle differences in flavor and color.



Single Malt

100% Barley creates a single malt with notes of toffee, cherry, brown sugar, and molasses all without a corn sweetness you find in bourbon. 

Exquisitely smooth and complex. Batch 1 is sure to knock your socks off!


EXPERIMENTAL Dog Days of Summer

Our products you know and love with a twist!

Batch one is experimental dog days of summer rum finished in our fresh dumped whiskey barrel for 3 months. The Product is a blend that starts off tasting like bourbon and ends up an amazingly finished rum. Get your hands on a bottle before this batch is gone!

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Our products you know and love with a twist!

Lavender Gin is back!!! 

Originally created for a young couple's wedding that wanted their own craft spirit. 

It took on a cult following so we made another batch this year!! get your bottle of batch 2 before its gone!

Habanero Thai Chile Vodka

Looking to Spice things up!?

When a local farmer comes to you with a LARGE  basket of habaneros and Thai Chile peppers what better to do than grind them up and throw them in a vodka mash. The pepper flavor that carried over is mind blowing while the heat is ever present but not going to make you breath fire. Will spice up any cocktail or if feeling adventurous have a pour over ice.


Agave Spirit

You asked and we delivered.

It started with 100% Organic Blue Agave, the elixir of life (water), and some yeast. We distilled 5x in our hybrid still and decided to throw it into a 10 gallon barrel. What came out after 3 months will blow your mind. Wether you LOVE or HATE tequila you don't want to miss out on our Agave Spirit.

SOLD OUT!!! next batch coming late august.

Watermelon Wheat

In Collaboration with Hawksbill Brewing Co.

What started its life as beer has turned into a whiskey. Now it drinks like a whiskey and tastes like a beer! Come try this wild create for your self today. Limited bottles available.


Come out and see us!! We sell bottles in store as well as tastings and cocktails.

 We currently do not ship or deliver.

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